Can You Guarantee a 99% Attendance Rate of Your New Patients?

How to Follow-Up on your Potential NP?

Are your NP’s not turning up for their NP Examinations? If they turn up, do they really understand the power of what you can do, the way you NEED them to? If this applies to you, I would continue reading.

Every Monday morning I wake up knowing that all of my 6 New Patient slots for the day are full. Not only that, I can guarantee 99% that they are all coming in for their examination.

I can guarantee a 99% attendance rate. That’s a big statement, but I can stand by it. The procedures we have in place pretty much walk the New Patient through our front door.

If a New Patient books in and their examination is not until a weeks time, do you really think they will remember? Unfortunately work, family life and commitments take over and all of a sudden their discomfort has taken second place. The fact is, your potential client missed their New Patient examination because you didn’t do the work to get them to your front door.

If you do not have an attendance rate between 75% – 99% I would seriously ask you to re-consider the steps you are taking. What are you doing to nurture your client?

You may have phone scripts, but have you tried and tested them yourself? If you don’t, can you confidently confirm what the client is being told? What are your procedures to book in appointments? What if you are unable to make contact with a client, who is accountable for this?

What do you know about your client? When is the best time to contact them? Where do they live? How many children or grandchildren do they have? What are their hobbies?

These clients are paying you their hard earned money. It is not enough to assume that because you provide them pain relief, you will be their long standing health care provider. In fact if they find someone cheaper who can do the job they will go there instead. What makes you different? Why are you worthy of that higher payment?

The health care industry is a tough industry to survive in. As a health care practitioner you have a duty to be able provide a health service, but in all honesty do you think you can do that when all you can think about is how you are going to pay your bills?

I would love to comfort you and say “Don’t worry, we have all been there. It will get better in time.” The truth is, Yes! We were once in your position. Unfortunately, it didn’t get better with time, the simple fact is that WE got better.

If you want 99% of your New Patients to be knocking on your door and turning up to their appointments, you need systems in place. The systems need to be structured and applicable to all of your New Patients with their specific needs. Distinct scripts with definitive wording of a tried and tested length is a start. In addition, your clear-cut procedures teamed with specialised choreography is the first step on the road leading to your 99% New Patient attendance rate for your practice.


Meena Kaur is the manager of the AtlasWellness Centre in Bedfordshire.




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