Want Your Chiropractic Ads on the Internet? This isn’t The Best Way To Get New Patients!

Are you looking for new patients? Do you believe that putting Chiropractic Ads on the internet is a good way to capture your patients’ attention? Don’t let the flashy, colorful, multimedia ads fool you, because they are not fooling your patients either. The serious chiropractic services you offer deserve serious advertising.

Offering serious services doesn’t mean that you can’t use interesting and appealing ads. You just have to make sure that you choose the right medium for your ads.

New technologies offer numerous new opportunities for advertising and they may seem like they are the best choice for you. However, relatively new advertising channels can be pretty difficult to manage

On the one hand, online media is attractive to people, because they can make purchases from the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, people have troubles trusting the advertisements they see online.

Although the digital world imposes online advertising as a must, it is actually not always the best solution. It surely has its advantages, but it has a lot of downfalls too, especially for your needs and target audience as a chiropractor. You should take a closer look at online advertising before you decide to make a significant investment in terms of effort, time, and money.

Why the internet is not a good choice for chiropractic ads

The Internet has credibility issues


People are spending a lot of time online, but few of them perceive it as a credible source of information. It is almost impossible to verify the credibility of a random website, so internet users still put more of their trust in other media.

You will face a lot of competition

The internet is offering a lot of opportunities, but also a great deal of competition. The odds are that your advertisement will battle for attention with a lot of competitors’ ads. The entry barrier for online advertising is very low. You will have to make a great effort to stand out in that crowd. Unless you become a master at standing out, your ad will simply drown in the market and become another lost investment.

Even if you manage to stand out from your competition, your potential patients will be distracted by the other content on the screen. Dozens of screen elements on that the website are a potential risk, ensuring that your online advertisement will not be as effective as you want it to be.

The internet is saturated with advertising

Web sites are able to give space to many, many advertisements. Each of these advertisers wants his or her ad to stand out and grab the visitor’s attention. This leads to cluttered websites, full of advertisements that many people ignore, and results in low return rates. Moreover, people may perceive any sponsored content as less trustworthy and even “sleazy”.

online advertiser competition

When you are reading content online, there are countless notifications and animations coming to you from all sides. To combat this, advertisers are getting in an arms race in trying to produce even more attention-seeking ads. Unfortunately, this has backfired to the point where people have simply developed so called ad blindness. It means that people (you and me included) purposefully tune out anything except the content we came to see. Some of us even use “reader” tools that strip the website of anything except the core content we came to see in the first place.

Trying to stand out in such an environment can be a hard and unrewarding task. You shouldn’t have to invest in advertisement that may be easily missed by your target audience. You also wouldn’t want your ad to be ignored by most of the people who will stumble on it.

The Internet gives an option for ad blocking

Almost all internet browsers now have ad blocking extensions. People who want to save themselves the hassle of manual ad blindness, can now easily block all those distractions. The number of people using ad-blockers is rising and there is no sign of the trend slowing down.

Internet advertising has measurability problems

Some time ago there was a belief that the success of an online ad lies in the number of people who will see it. Experience proved this belief wrong. If a person sees an online advertisement it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will click on it and discover more information about the offer.

measuring ad success online

Eventually online advertisers decided to measure success by the number of clicks that an ad gets. Unfortunately, a person clicking an online ad doesn’t ensure sales either.

The only indicator of ad effectiveness is the number of people who actually buy a certain product or service. The problem with online advertising is that it provides you with a lot of statistics that seem fun to study and track. Most of it is just creative avoidance. Very few of those stats tell you if the ad is actually successful and how.

The Internet is still a limited market

As a chiropractor, the majority of your target audience still relies on traditional advertising media.  Although the number of people who are active online is constantly increasing, they don’t use the internet to gather information and decide on products and services. Online campaigns can only be truly successful if they are combined with other forms of advertising.

There are too many choices

There are a large number of websites online and this makes it really hard to decide where to advertise. If you decide to go with online advertisement you will have to do a lot of research. Internet advertising requires a huge time investment and learning a very complex skill, merely for the act of targeting new patients.

too much choice

The Internet is known for privacy issues

Most websites engage in data gathering practices and people are increasingly becoming aware of it and have justified privacy concerns. As a result, people are becoming hesitant when using online media. Although some websites clearly state how they will use the gathered information, people have problems trusting these statements.

You will be surprised by the number of regulations

The Internet offers a lot of freedom in terms of communication. However, there are rules and regulations for online advertising. Not being familiar with the rules may result in you incurring penalties. The CAN-SPAM act, which regulates the terms of email advertising, is just one of many examples. You need a good lawyer to make sure you are following all rules and regulations.

You will come across additional costs

If you want your online advertisement to be effective, you have to to stand out. If you want the ad to stand out, you have to invest a lot of money in proper design and an advertising strategy. These additional costs are too large if you take into consideration that they can’t guarantee that you get any new patients. If an online advertising campaign fails, you can suffer a huge loss.

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