Does This Kind Of Advertising Work In… My Country?

Excuses… Excuses!

This is a question that I often asked when people are trying to find a way not to actively take part in advertising their chiropractic practice. What they are really trying to do is find a valid excuse to stay within their often limited comfort zone. I just don’t understand this generalised apathy towards marketing that exists in the chiropractic profession, but it’s there…

Let me give you the short answer:

“this kind of chiropractic advertising works everywhere”

I personally learned how to craft a strong advertising message from four Americans, if you’re interested they are (in no order of importance) Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and Bill Glazer. Now I have studied many more and I can drop a lot of names here, but those four American gentlemen have contributed the most to my knowledge.

Now even though most of my knowledge comes from Americans I apply their principles in a small town in the UK and they work perfectly. In fact, since I started this whole process things are only getting better and better. 2013 was our best year so far by a long long way and we’re already starting 2014 ahead of the game.

Absolutely, I had to change the language, the way that things are said to suit the British market, that’s child’s play compared to understanding the psychological triggers that make a piece of chiropractic marketing or advertising work. Anyone with a modicum of common sense can take an outstanding chiropractic advert and with a little effort change the language and the way things are said to suit their town, region or country.

That’s because chiropractic marketing and advertising works according to ancient human psychology, it’s not subject to regional or national boundaries, we are all essentially the same wherever we live and what works for us will work for them also.

Correct marketing that gets the psychology right works everywhere – the fact that you graduated as a chiropractor means that you are smart enough to get this stuff to work anywhere… No excuses allowed!

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