Incredibly Simple Yet Effective Marketing Techniques for Chiropractors

Are you wondering how to effectively promote your practice? Marketing for chiropractors is indisputably an efficient way to grow your business and increase your profits.

When it comes to chiropractic marketing techniques and strategies you must be flexible and open to changes. If there is a great marketing technique that works better than the one that you are currently using, you should consider making a change. By combining effective marketing strategies you will be able to grow your business and your profits.


As a chiropractor you need to make an effort to motivate your potential patients into becoming paying patients. You can do this by applying some simple yet effective marketing techniques for chiropractors that can increase the number of your patients.

The main goal of marketing is to help you become more visible to the world, so your potential patients can easily find you. However, marketing for chiropractors is not limited to flyers, newsletters and emails.

Some marketing techniques are based on once or twice-a-year events. Other techniques are constantly ongoing, and you make use of both of them. Also note that you are promoting your practice through simple everyday things such as the patient waiting times, and the pricing policy.

Create a professional website and blog

Internet marketing is the leading marketing strategy for many businesses today. The number of internet users that are a potential patient keeps growing.  This is why increasingly internet marketing is becoming a very effective tool for promoting your chiropractic office and the services that you offer.

Effective marketing for chiropractors includes having an appealing website and blogs. You can have your website in no time by using a website builder or hiring a professional to do it for you.

You can even build a nice website yourself by using a free CMS like wordpress and using free templates. It won’t be as good as a professional custom job though, and it will take you some time to learn how to do it.

One crucial thing that you should have in mind is to define the right keywords. This will help your potential patients to easily track down your website and your contact information.

You can use your blog to make your practice more visible to the online public. Start sharing helpful advice such as stretching techniques and nutrition tips. This will boost your website traffic and your credibility as well.


You can also create a newsletter and start sharing some interesting health information; it can be very effective in attracting new patients to your practice. Inside this newsletter you can share information about any news related to your practice. You can also include testimonials from your current patients.

You should make your website more visible by registering it with search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo. Creating a chiropractic business page on Facebook is also a wise thing to do, especially now that people spend more than a few on Facebook every day. Remember that your chiropractic business page should be separate from your personal Facebook profile.

Updating your business page on a frequent basis takes time, especially if you try to fill it with useful and interesting content related to chiropractic and your services. It might be a time consuming strategy, but it is also a simple strategy. Just provide value through useful, and you will be rewarded with fans and customers. This simple approach will help you promote your practice and attract more patients than you can even imagine.

Encourage referrals

There are many people out there that are unfamiliar with chiropractic benefits and techniques. If your patients share their own positive experiences on your Facebook or Google+ page, you can post those reviews on your website. You can also share links to articles about chiropractic breakthroughs for people with chronic back pain.

In order to encourage referrals try listing your chiropractic business in an online directory of chiropractors in your area. It is a simple yet effective marketing tool and it’s usually free! You can include a lot of useful information and relevant pictures.

Offer to trade referrals with other businesses. There are many related businesses that you could contact in almost every area. You can make connections and offer to trade referrals with the local hospital, a health consultant office, a fitness and bodybuilding gym, etc. Contacting other alternative medicine professionals is also a smart thing to do.


Moreover, you should contact non-related businesses as well – nearby restaurants and healthy eating places are a good option to trade referrals with. There are many potential patients dining at the local restaurant who will be glad to visit your office and get relieved from their back pain. That’s why you should consider leaving your business card or leaflet on their counter.

Stay in contact with previous patients and generate new ones

There are many chiropractic practices that don’t take advantage of the new patients they could generate from their previous and present clients. Most chiropractors hesitate to ask for referrals. However, once you encourage patients to give a leaflet to their friend that could use chiropractic help, it becomes an effective marketing for chiropractors.

Make an offer that can’t be refused. You can offer free consultation or a discounted package for any patient who will bring their friend or a family member to your practice.  A free X-ray can be nice to offer to new patients. There is a lot to talk about after they realize what chiropractic can do for them.

Staying in touch with your current and potential patients is essential. You can contact them on Facebook or via E-mail to send them special promotion notices, your new blog post or your newsletter. You can also inform them about eventual changes in office hours or lectures and seminars that you may organize.

Go mobile

Mobile marketing for chiropractiors is something you should take an advantage of. Use this new marketing for chiropractors and fill in your last minute schedule openings. You can also send text messages with a kind reminder to your scheduled patients, one day ahead of their appointment.

Since people read every text they get, it’s an effective way to keep in touch with them. It is also a great conversation starter once they show up in your office. By using a variety of methods to contact people you will ensure reaching more potential patients.

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