Getting Your Market… To Pay You Handsomely

Steve Jobs is famous for stating that he never needed to listen to what the public wanted – there were no focus groups or market researchers at Apple. All Apple needed was Steve’s guidance because he claimed to know more about what people wanted than the people themselves knew. It’s hard to argue with that since he did build the biggest company in the world; but if you take this statement literally you would be quite mislead…

You see, while Steve didn’t listen to opinions outside of a select few people that he respected, he never ever entered a market place that hadn’t already been tested. He just entered markets with products that jumped the curves and set new standards. He revolutionised the way we interact with computers taking them from the corporate environment into the home in the ’70s. Then he brought the GUI to the world stage in 1984. The computer market already existed but his genius was that he changed who and how we used them completely. He jumped the curve!

He went on to revolutionise the animated film industry, the music carrier business, the music selling business, the mobile phone business, and the tablet business. All arenas existed before Steve came along, but Steve jumped the curves…

Steve was not only a genius developer of technology he was also a genius marketer, he knew his market (a buying community) better than anyone else, on this point we cannot argue, and it leads us to the number one problem preventing chiropractors from building successful chiropractic businesses. The majority of chiropractors do not understand their market and therefore have no clue of how to market their practice. Most try to enter markets that don’t exist, if Steve Jobs had done this the story of Apple would have been very, very different.

I find it so discouraging when chiropractors start with CMS and expect immediate results without having any willingness to actually get to know their market so they can eventually dominate it. They are too lazy, short sighted and downright tight to test their market thoroughly for the betterment of their business later on.

FACT: Your education is not an entitlement to be successful in business or to get as many new patients as you need.

The reality is that if you want to control your acquisition of new patients, be able to self determine your income and level of success, and take your future off random results you are going to have to work, strategise and spend money to get to know your market. If you aren’t willing to do this then you deserve to struggle in practice and 99% of you will.

Your Steps To Market Domination:

1. Test your market (the community who might want to use your services) with POP chiropractic ads to see what your market wants. Don’t be an idiot and expect your first few ads to be a runaway success. Get real and be prepared to spend money to know your market.

2. Precisely record your results, sloppiness will get you into trouble. Make sure your staff share your precision in meticulous recording of which patient came from where. Not sharing this is a fireable offence!

3. When you understand what your market wants more than anything else, reinvent yourself and your practice into the specialist place to go for that condition/desire and hit your market place consistently with specialist chiropractic adverts that drive large numbers of ready to pay clients into your practice.

Make today your last day of not understanding your market, of practicing on every random and desperate stranger who just happens to end up in your practice. Jump the curve in your market place and learn how to control your income.

Think Different – Think Like Steve Jobs!

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