If there’s one thing that has me grabbing for my bucket…

“I only get new patients from referrals, I never advertise!”

Why are some chiropractors oddly proud of the fact that their practice is much smaller than it could be? Your poor community! It’s not like there are chiropractors everywhere. Most of the public are getting “solutions” to their health problems which would be far better served by a chiropractor. It’s our bloody duty to stand up and tell people that we’re here. Not to hide behind a vomit inducing statement like “I don’t need to advertise for new patients, I get them all by referral”.

I’ve got news for you, I also get new patients from referral, in fact I probably get a lot more than you because I advertise too, I run direct mail campaigns, I go screening, I do out talks and more…

All of the people I get from these events refer me new patients just like your’s do, but I would never want to underserve my community by just waiting for referrals.

“Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise!” – BJ Palmer.

The reality is, if you only get new patients from referrals then you are sadly underserving your community and making a much poorer living as well. How is this something that anyone should be proud of? It’s only something you could be proud of if you are blissfully unaware of what your real potential is.

If all I did was wait for referrals there would be so many people that I’ve helped, who wouldn’t have got help. They would have resorted to pills, massage, physiotherapy and worse, maybe even surgery – I could never ever be proud of that.

The bottom line is that if you’re one of those chiropractors waiting for referrals to drive your business then you are helping less people than you should be and you’re making a smaller income to boot. It’s time to step up to another standard of practice. The world needs chiropractic more now than ever before, but they just don’t know it exists!

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