Newspaper Advertising Is Dead – Long Live Newspaper Advertising

Do you remember when CDs came out? People were heralding the death of vinyl everywhere…

But that isn’t what happened. Instead of dying out as you would expect if you trusted mainstream sources, vinyl went on to find it’s own little comfortable niche and sales for some companies still producing vinyl is producing them a very comfortable and growing profit (resurgence of vinyl sales has grown 745% since 2008).

Vinyl didn’t die because there was a large group of people that still love it. The same will happen with CD and the non-starter SACD, small groups will remain who still want high-quality playback and downloads will be for people who don’t mind playing music back on low resolution equipment.

The disc, in its various guises is here to stay!

Not only that, but those few companies who will still manufacture discs (in whatever form they remain) will continue to thrive and will grow in a market where their competition is disappearing.

Newspapers face a similar situation today and if you believe mainstream thinking then newspapers are all about to disappear, and if you think like that you’ll be proven wrong and you’ll be losing a lot of potential profit. Let me explain why…

If you listen to and believe mainstream thinkers then you’ll be aware of the following:

1. Newspaper circulation continues to decline annually.

2. Advertising rates continue to increase annually.

3. Competition is increasing from alternate sources.

4. An attitude of superiority from newspaper ad reps is still increasing.

What does all of the above REALLY mean?

Well, first of all, if you believe this stunted thinking then you will get stunted practice growth, this is precisely why:

1. While it is true that newspaper circulation is declining, it is also true that the audience that is still reading newspapers is becoming more and more focused. Think about this very carefully “who still reads newspapers?”

It’s 50-70 somethings. People who have grown up in a different era, people who have disposable income, people who were saving before the credit economy and who are now ready, willing and able to spend money on their health, because by now they have realised it is one of their major assets. In other words, this is a chiropractor’s ideal target market. Where else can you go where your ideal target market has been super concentrated for you and get to speak to them directly?

Media evolution has literally evolved newspapers into a chiropractor’s best friend.

2. Okay, so what if it costs more to advertise now? Get real, everything is getting more expensive, aint nothing gonna get cheaper!

If this is how yo feel it’s only because you haven’t figured out your business metrics and you don’t know how to get newspapers to pay you back…

When done correctly, I promise you on my daughter’s life that you will get 5-10 x, maybe even more back on your investment. The measly annual increase in advertising costs is more than offset by the fact that your target market is also growing stronger each year.

The concentration of your ideal client reading newspapers is outstripping the increased cost to advertise.

3. The internet is certainly growing and is replacing many “printed” media. For example who doesn’t go to google before the yellow pages except 50-70 somethings that are still not using the interweb thingy?

Yeah, those “ideal market” people, the chiropractor’s sweet spot clients, are the ones who aren’t using the internet as their primary source of information. But there’s more to it…

Even those people who do go first to the internet are doing so in a different state than those who do not. Can we all agree that the internet is full of untrustworthy crap, saturated with “me too’s”, and a haven for every competitor in your home market?

Unless you live in a desert somewhere then that is true for you. And the main take home point for you here is that while the internet is sometimes a fabulous source of information it is also a source of confusion. This has led to a decrease in trust for whatever is found on the internet and an increased trust in printed matter. The bottom line is that there has never been a better time to tell your message in newspapers.

Your competition is scrambling to build client bases online, and as competition is rising it is harder to get heard or seen online – but offline it’s getting easier, because people have scrambled away from newspapers to the web they have left a gaping hole. I can’t remember the last time another chiropractor, osteopath or physio advertised in my local papers – I’m the ONLY game in town which makes market domination EASY!

Your competition is looking for clients online which has left space for YOU to dominate offline marketing.

4. The attitude of newspaper ad reps is getting really snooty, but it is very well founded. They are reading the data that is pointing to the fact that online trust is down and decreasing, but trust in what is printed in newspapers, chiropractic ad or not – is up and continuing to go up.

Newspapers are here to stay. As their circulation numbers decline they are in fact being distilled to a group of people who are your ideal client, people with savings who have a new found interest in their health. Everyday you aren’t putting yourself in front of them is a day your losing clients to someone else…

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