The Three Pillars That Should Be In Every Chiropractic Marketing Campaign

The Foundation OF Any Chiropractic Marketing System…

…should be made up of three core media. Newspapers, direct mail and face to face sales. If I had nothing else I could easily make a huge practice with just these three media.

When it comes to newspapers as a media there isn’t much that can be said. Yes there is a lot that needs to be understood to get the most out of newspapers and actually get to the point where they make you a good income, but we all basically know what they are.

With chiropractic direct mail the story is very different. I’m always shocked at how little chiropractors know about this media and how they have a huge he list of lost customers just sitting in their database. There are some chiropractors who get so much business from chiropractic direct mail that they literally make an income from this medium equal to what most average chiropractors make from all their other marketing efforts combined. Not staying in touch with your lost customers is a huge mistake, and I believe it is the most under used marketing medium in the chiropractic profession.

Face to face sales can take form in lots of different ways. For me the highest volume of new patients can be derived from chiropractic screenings. The new patients from this medium aren’t generally the best standard of clients though. Which is why it’s always essential to support any face to face activity like a screening with other productive marketing media.

Yes there should be a lot more media in your chiropractic marketing arsenal for getting more new clients – but we’re talking about foundations here.

What about the internet? Shouldn’t that be a core marketing media? The answer is “no” unless you want to have poor results. You see while the internet makes up an important component of chiropractic marketing it performs too poorly to truly compete with the core media above. Even Google sells Adwords via printed media – that should tell you a lot!

Have you got your core marketing strategies firmly ensconced into your business model? If not your practice could be propped up by a dangerously fragile flow of new patients, the time to act is now.

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