What Results Do You Expect From Your Chiropractic Marketing?

Making Chiropractic Marketing Pay For Itself

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in chiropractic marketing is that chiropractors often have unrealistic expectations of just how many new patients they can generate from just one ad, or a single marketing stream for that matter. In the chiropractic profession I blame other chiropractic marketing service providers. They seem to be happy peddling their product with testimonials of happy clients that have pulled large numbers of new patients from just one ad. I think this is very misleading which is why you won’t find any such testimonials or claims on our site. It’s not that we don’t have them – we do – it’s just that the reality is that a spectacular ad is going to produce a reliable profit and we shouldn’t expect more from it.

Let me explain. We’ve have ads that have pulled as many as 92 new patients on occasion, but that’s not typical. Typically you can expect a great chiropractic ad to pull somewhere between 0-5 new patients. Our average in Bedford is 5.5 per ad, and I’m very happy with that, but we started with an average of just 2 when we started out, before we understood what our market wanted. Some of our clients using the same ads in other areas pull more than 5.5 people each time they run their ads… Your ad is going draw what it draws based on your local market, there is nothing you can do about that (except relocate); but what you can do is engineer your economics so that it doesn’t matter even if you only average just one new patient from every ad you can still make it count.

My current sciatica ad brings me a weekly response of 3-7 new clients. It’s a very rare week where we don’t get a response. It costs me £247 to run in the Bedford Sunday newspaper. If I get one response per week from this ad then my net weekly profit is £256 since our average client lifetime value is £503. That means over a year of consistent plugging away with that same ad I get £13,312 profit from just this one ad in the paper – if I only get an average response of 1 new patient per ad. BUT the average response to this ad is actually 5.5 per run so the reality is I’m going to make more like £73,216 from this one ad. This is not including all the extra referrals that all of these new clients generate for me, which means I really make a lot more…

I also run the ad in the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen. Half a page with them costs me £300 and I get an average of only 3 new clients despite the extra cost. I don’t care because net weekly profit from advertising here is still £609. Over the year I can add another £31,668 of profit to my bottom line.

The reality is most people want to get spectacular results each week from each ad, but that’s not what the local market is going to give them. It’s delusional thinking. For my part I think £104,884 of profit over the year is good from just one niche. If I multiply this by ten then it’s easy to see where this is going to go.

The key here is to diversify your campaign. Once I’ve identified a good media that returns with one niche I now test that media with another niched ad (WITHOUT STOPPING THE OTHER AD!!!) – so in other words I’m now looking to run 2 ads each week in the same piece of media. It’s quite possible to run 3-5 different niche ads in the same paper and just multiply results – obviously this needs testing but it does work – different niche ads tend NOT to cannibalise each other. Does this make sense?

Your challenge is to engineer your chiropractic business so that the average client lifetime value is in comfortable excess of what it costs you to get your average advert response… If I lived in another town my client value might be much higher, I have clients in the US who have client values which are over $5000! However, this may not be the case at all for everyone and we mustn’t set our targets based on what only a small percentage of chiropractors can achieve. The market sets the price of the ads and your just going to have to engineer your practice around that, there’s nothing else you can do.

I know this is going to take a lot of courage for chiropractors who don’t yet know what their market will offer up to them – but at the end of the day good business is just about generating good numbers.

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