Why advertising in the newspapers is my favourite form of marketing…

Let Your Local Newspapers Grow Your Practice

Yes – it’s important to diversify your marketing – and every chiropractor’s marketing should involve a number of different activities – but I just love adverts in the paper. While I can give you a number of reasons that running chiropractic advertisements in the paper is something that I love the biggest reason by far is:

High Quality New Patients

Simply stated “people that come in from ads from the paper place a high value on their health”. They are grateful for the care you give them, they refer other people and they stay in care for the longest.

This is the reason that I’ve worked so hard to create a trustworthy stream of new patients coming in from the newspaper by running chiropractic ads every single week. Our average number of new patients from our newspaper ads this year is 5 every week. They make up almost 50% of the total income of our company and as such are by far our most successful way of attracting new clients into our business. Putting it into perspective, we regularly have more than 20 new patients in our practice each week, that means that 1/4 of our clients make up 50% of our income, in other words patients from the newspaper are worth twice as much as patients from any other source (I hope my maths is good).

Maybe I’ll shed some light on the other forms of marketing that we do to make up the other 50% of our income in a future article. But for now I will simply say that if I were a single practitioner with just 2 staff I would be doing very very well from the ads alone.

I have a few other reasons that I love newspaper ads though. Not only are the clients of “better quality” than other sources like screenings but I simply love creating and fine tuning them to get better and better results as we go along. Our copywriters are a dream to work with and I’m almost as spizzed to see what they’re going to come up with next as I am with adjusting the people that the ads create for my business. One thing I can tell you is that the ads just keep getting better and better.

With ads and good tracking we quickly see what is working and what isn’t working – it becomes easy to multiply your results within just a few months.

Another massive benefit is that advertising in the newspaper requires virtually no effort – about 30 minutes per week to be precise. Other activities like out talks and screenings are very heavy on “effort” and although we do still do them, I love the time with my family that the newspapers gift me. With the right ads the newspapers do all the work for you.

One of the unexpected side benefits to running ads constantly in the local papers is that it adds credibility to everything that you do. People naturally trust a company that can afford to conduct continuos advertising. We hear this constantly when we go out and do screenings or when I go and do a doctor’s talk at some event. Some people even see me as a local celebrity because they’ve been reading the ads that look just like “news articles” about me.

Advertising each week has transformed my practice during incredibly tough times. We haven’t been touched by the poor economy, in fact we’ve created our own economy because we’ve had the highest income ever. I feel lucky to be able to help other chiropractors to achieve similar results.

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