Why Newspaper Advertising Is Still The Best Place For Chiropractors To Get New Patients

Do you find it hard to choose an appropriate channel for communication with potential new patients? Are you still hesitating if newspapers are the best solution for your needs? New technologies have brought numerous opportunities to the advertising market. However, newspapers remain the best solution for the chiropractic marketing needs.

If you are able to utilize it properly, newspaper advertising can be extremely effective. It is especially useful when you need to reach the community around you. Newspapers offer advertising in specific sections which are appropriate to your chiropractic services.

serious newspaper advertising

Moreover, newspapers allow you to address an audience in a specific area. Depending on your needs, you can choose to advertise in anything from small neighborhood papers all the way to national newspapers. You can easily choose the area in which you will search for new patients.

Various types of printed media also allow you to tailor your marketing campaign to your budget. There are many levels of advertising rates that depend on the newspaper’s circulation, the size and position of the ad and other aspects. This allows you to have an effective newspaper ad for a small amount of money.

Another positive aspect of newspaper advertising is that people choose to truly read a printed ad. Therefore, you can be sure that your newspaper ad will reach the readers who are really interested in your services. Those are the people who are ready to take an action and become your new patients.

Newspapers provide the most appropriate platform for advertising chiropractic services. Here are some advantages that make newspapers the right choice for chiropractic advertising needs.

Newspapers are the most credible source of information

One of the main advantages that have kept newspaper advertising alive is the perceived credibility of printed media. The newspaper industry maintains the highest level of standards regarding supervision and verification of facts because it is built on reader trust.

Advertising your chiropractic services through newspapers keeps you safe from being associated with bias and controversial information. Although newspapers secure you some initial level of reader trust, you should maintain that trust with the design and content of your ads.

trust in newspapers

When making a decision to purchase a service, people rely more heavily on newspaper information than any information in other media. Some studies even show that people often resent ads in other media. Remember, readers make their choices very carefully when it comes to serious issues such as health-related services.

Newspapers make it easy to target your audience

As a chiropractor you need to reach a certain demographic. Newspaper advertising offers the opportunity to promote services to a particular audience. Using newspapers as a channel for your ads, you can achieve effective promotion to a specific audience in your surrounding community. This is an advantage that TV, radio, and even some forms of online advertising can not offer.

Newspaper chiropractic advertising enjoys a long shelf live

When reading a newspaper people are relaxed and open to new information. They browse through ads out of curiosity and keep the ones they think they might need in the future. The opportunity to keep the printed ads ensures more exposure and longer period to impact the readers.

The longer your ad stays in people’s memories or drawers, the higher the chances that they choose your chiropractic services. People will have time to study the details of your ad and seriously consider contacting you.

Newspapers have a broad reach


It may seem to you that ads in electronic media have the greatest reach, but many studies prove these beliefs to be wrong. Reach is in fact one of the best advantages of newspaper advertising. An average newspaper issue has a broader reach than an average program on the most popular radio or a prime-time TV program.

Newspaper chiropractic advertising is cost effective

Print advertisements are less expensive than advertisements in other media channels. You can easily tailor your ad campaign according to your budget since newspapers offer a variety of ad sizes and rates. Another good advantage is that you have the opportunity to save on other out-of-pocket expenses such as the design of the advertisement.

Newspaper advertising is flexible

Newspapers offer flexibility for your marketing campaign. You can easily change your ad design, content, and frequency. While advertising in electronic media takes a lot time spent in production, with newspapers you can refine your ad and keep your message current at any time. This gives you the opportunity to easily schedule campaigns around your needs.

With newspaper advertising you can communicate complex information in detail. You can better describe your services and professional chiropractic advice, due to the opportunity to take out a longer “long text” newspaper ad. This is impossible online when attention span is non-existent.

You can also support your chiropractic ad with PR publications which will bring additional value and further support the message you want to convey. Combining advertisements with special publications will ensure that your communication will be perceived as more trustworthy by potential new patients.

Newspaper ads ensure readers engagement

Readers are highly focused and engaged in newspapers because they value and trust the content. Newspaper ads evoke emotional and intellectual engagement, as well as motivation to act. Almost 80% of readers take action on a newspaper advertisement that is relevant to them.

Man reading newspaper

When people take a newspaper in their hands, they are ready to spend some time reading. This gives you the opportunity to engage in detailed explanations of the services that you offer. Readers can remain focused because they choose what to read. You are not competing with other flashing ads or notifications on the side (as you would online).

Giving your potential patients the time to connect with your message creates an emotional bond with them. The feeling of closeness that newspaper ads create, help these readers to feel the story, which further leads to an increase in trust.

Marketing in printed media can help you strengthen your brand

Having in mind printed media credibility, reach, and life span, placing an ad in a newspaper can help you add value to your brand. You can additionally strengthen your brand even further by having advertisement in a specific magazine that covers information connected with health or wellbeing.

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